Terraspace Cloud Pricing

Turbo-charge Terraspace

Plan and Update History. Web Dashboard. Team Management.

Standard Pricing Plans

Small Team
  • Up to 5 team members
  • Real-Time Stream Logging
  • Web Dashboard
  • Plan and Update history
  • CI/CD Integration
  • Team Management
  • Team Permissions
$100 $50/month
Medium Team
  • Up to 10 team members
  • Real-Time Stream Logging
  • Web Dashboard
  • Plan and Update history
  • CI/CD Integration
  • Team Management
  • Team Permissions
$200 $100/month
Large Team
  • Up to 25 team members
  • Real-Time Stream Logging
  • Web Dashboard
  • Plan and Update history
  • CI/CD Integration
  • Team Management
  • Team Permissions
$500 $250/month


What is the state of Terraform Cloud?

Terraform Cloud is in early beta. Early users get special promotional pricing as part of helping with the testing. Early users can also have a big say in how Terraform Cloud works.

What is the difference between the Terraspace Framework and Terraspace Cloud?

Terraspace is a framework for Terraform that provides an organized structure, conventions over configurations, keeps your code DRY, and adds convenient tooling. It is free. Terraspace Cloud adds even further to the Terraspace Framework by adding additional features as an optional paid managed service. These include Real-Time Logs, Team Management, Permissions, History, GUI visual interface, CI/CD Integrations, and Cost Estimations.

What is the difference between Terraform Cloud vs Terraspace Cloud?

Terraform Cloud and Terraspace Cloud are both paid managed service offerings. Terraspace Cloud is specifically designed to work with the Terraspace Framework. This allows Terraspace Cloud to leverage Terraspace and provide smoother integration. To see a more thorough comparison, check out the Terraspace Cloud vs Terraform Cloud docs.

How does the Terraform BSL License Change affect Terraspace Cloud?

The new Terraform BSL license announcement restricts usage of future Terraform versions from being used with offerings Hashicorp deems competitive to their own solutions. Here's the Terraform license. Terraform 1.5.5 and below are unaffected.

For you, this means you cannot use newer Terraform versions with Terraspace Cloud. Terraspace Cloud takes a prudent approach to address this.

  1. We’re telling users to use Terraform 1.5.5 and below with Terraspace Cloud.
  2. If you use a newer Terraform version, it will not work with Terraspace Cloud. The API will deny requests and prevent data from saving on the Cloud backend side entirely. Terraform forks with a more permissive license are allowed.
  3. The Terraspace framework CLI also checks on the client side and will only allow Terraform 1.5.5 and below usage by default.

You have full control over the Terraform installation since terraspace and terraform run entirely from your machine. It's a matter of installing the Terraform version that Hashicorp considers acceptable for your use case.

There's an opentf manifesto that will likely result in a Terraform fork. We recommend using that fork once it's available.

How do I make sure that I'm using a permitted version of Terraform?

You can check if you have a permitted terraspace version with the terraspace check command.

You fully control the machine on which both the terraform and terraspace CLI commands run. Terraspace and Terraspace Cloud has no control over Terraform version installed. So it's just a matter of installing an appropriate version of Terraform: Install Terraform Docs. A good tool is tfenv. It allows you to install and switch between Terraform versions. Once a Terraform fork is released, you can likely use tools like tfenv to install the fork.

Is there a Free Terraspace Cloud Plan?

Yes. You are signed up for the Free Plan when you initially sign up. It is useful for trying out and testing Terraspace Cloud. However, the Free Plan is limited.

How is the Free Plan limited?

The Free Plan limits the number of plans and updates saved to Terraspace Cloud. The Free Plan rate limit is a combined total of 20 plans and updates. IE: You can record 12 plans and 8 updates before being rate limited. The Free Plan also only allows one user. You won't be able to use the team management and permissions feature without a paid plan. The Free Plan is useful for trying out Terraspace Cloud. You can delete the Cloud Stack and its history if you need to do more testing.

If I subscribe, when do I get access?

As soon as you subscribe, you'll get access immediately. You'll be able to use the Terraspace Cloud features according to the plan you've subscribed to.

Can I cancel at any time?

Yes, you can easily cancel your subscription at any time on your Organization Settings / Plan Page. There is no lock-in.

When does Terraspace Cloud save plans and updates?

By default, Terraspace will only record plans and updates to Terraspace Cloud when changes are detected. This helps keep a high signal-to-noise ratio. If you prefer to save all plans and updates, you can adjust the behavior with config.cloud.record

Anything else we can help with?

We'd be happy to help. Send an email to contact@boltops.com and we'll see what we can do for you!

What data is sent to Terraspace Cloud?

No Cloud Credentials are ever sent to Terraspace Cloud. You fully control the system that sets up and configures things like AWS credentials and can harden the system however you wish. However, the terraform state and plan files are sent to Terraspace Cloud. Terraform stores things like tfvars data in the state file. This means it can possibly contain secret information depending on your use.

Can I delete my data?

Yes, you can delete your organization's data and all the data associated with it. You simply delete your Terraspace org. There's no way to get your data back once it's been deleted.

Is there a self-hosted version of Terraspace Cloud?

We're starting off with the Terraspace Cloud managed service offering right now. Priority for a self-hosted version is based on demand. If you’re interested in a self-hosted licensing option, let us know.

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